Estate Planning

Estate Planning is a personal process that clients come to an attorney for at various stages in their life.

The firm is equipped to provide estate planning services including:

  • Assistance with Establishing Florida Residency
  • Preparation of Will, Trusts, and Revocable Trusts
  • Trusts Revocable Living Trusts
  • Living Wills Health Care Declarations
  • Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Preparation of Special Needs Trusts
  • Special Needs Estate Planning

The firm provides all estate planning services on a flat fee basis.

Whether this is a client’s first meeting with an attorney for estate planning documents following the purchase of a first home, or the birth or adoption of a new baby, or a client’s latest revision to well worn documents, Ms. Peshke welcomes the opportunity to assist you and your family with your planning needs wherever you are in your life. If you are new to Florida and have recently established Florida residency, your existing estate planning documents from out of state should be reviewed by an attorney and discussion of creation of Florida estate planning documents should take place shortly after Florida residency has been established. Florida laws are unique and favorable for estate planning purposes and for taxation of Florida estates. This is a very personal and private matter for each client. Ms. Peshke recognizes that fulfilling a client’s needs for estate planning is part of ensuring both a legacy and security for each client’s present family members, and for future generations yet to come.

In considering an estate plan, Ms. Peshke will initially meet with each client for an individual consultation to review any existing documents, and to review an estate planning questionnaire she asks each client to fill out prior to the consultation. Review of this information is vital to a good estate planning foundation and the recommendations Ms. Peshke will make both during and following the consultation. The estate planning documents prepared for each client by Ms. Peshke are not simple forms that can be purchased online. Ms. Peshke utilizes her education and training, as well as sophisticated estate planning software to specifically incorporate each client’s individual information to format personalized and tailored documents for each client’s estate planning needs. Often clients believe they only need a “simple will” and sometimes that is the case however more times than not following a consultation and a thorough one on one review, Ms. Peshke can make recommendations for a will and other documents that a client may not have considered or thought about prior to consulting with an attorney like Ms. Peshke. Ms. Peshke welcomes the opportunity to sit down with you or your loved ones to review your estate planning needs today!

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