Except for a few states where you are required to hire a real estate attorney to do your closing, you do not have to hire an agent or attorney to help you. Be aware, however, selling a home yourself is a lot of work, and you will still need to hire a closing agent to write and issue your title insurance to give clean title to your buyer. As your attorney, the Law Offices of Jennifer D. Peshke, P.A. can provide you with both legal representation and closing agent services including writing and issuing title insurance in place of a separate title company.

The Law Offices of Jennifer D. Peshke makes it easy for you whether you are Selling or Buying, we take control of the transaction from the beginning to the end. Leaving any unnecessary stress to the firm, and not you, while providing a seamless transaction.

We can prepare the contract to your specifications if you are selling, if you are buying we will review the contract to make sure it is in your best interest. We communicate with any involved title companies or lawyers’ offices letting them know we represent you by sending a representation letter. We also communicate with any realtors that might be involved. We can also hold escrow money for your transaction to protect your earnest money deposit.

As your attorney & closing agent when you are selling your home, we  order the title work and prepare the title commitment, clear or correct title defects, if any, if you are the buyer, we request the title commitment and we will review and dispute any title matters and have those matters cleared prior to closing,including but not limited to ordering payoffs, estoppel or lien payoff that may come up.

We prepare all closing documents including the closing statement if you are the Seller.If you are the buyer, we request closing documents and the attorney reviews the documents prior to closing and either approves or disputes charges that may or may not belong to you as the buyer. Purchasing or selling a home is in one the largest financial transactions most people make, why leave that to chance? Hiring the Law Offices of Jennifer D. Peshke, P.A., will not be a decision you regret. Bring us to the closing table with you, and experience the difference. For a consultation regarding your real estate transaction call us today at 772-231-1233.

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