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Florida eviction lawyer attorneyFlorida landlords must follow the Florida eviction process to legally evict a tenant from leased property, whether residential or commercial property. Trying to evict a tenant by extralegal means such as changing locks, turning off utilities, threatening the tenant or engaging in any other act designed to force the tenant to leave, is illegal and may subject the landlord to civil damages to the tenant. So make sure you always follow the proper procedure.

The Law Offices of Jennifer D. Peshke, P.A. is equipped to assist you with evicting a tenant in the proper manner that complies with Florida law regarding your specific lease and circumstances. There are varying circumstances that can initiate the eviction process and various notices and timelines to be aware of. Florida courts protect and favor a tenant’s rights, don’t take this process by chance and risk initiating and facilitating the eviction process in a manner that does not comply with Florida law.

Failure to adhere to the Florida Statutes and laws concerning the eviction process will only lead to your tenant being able to remain in the property longer and add further delay, cost, and frustration for the landlord. If you have an eviction matter to discuss, call The Law Offices of Jennifer D. Peshke, P.A. today at 772-231-1233 to schedule a phone or office consultation today.

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