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Probate Administration

Probate Administration

probate administration attorney vero beach, flProbate Administration is necessary to transfer assets after death. It involves the process of taking assets out of your individual name, and placing them in the name of your estate. Probate is the formal process of post death administration and transfer of assets pursuant to a person’s Last Will and Testament or under Florida’s laws of intestate distribution if there is no will. Probate Administration often involves complex considerations that need the guidance of an experienced estate planning and probate attorney. As a result, the Florida Statutes and Court rules require the assistance of a Florida attorney to administer a probate estate. Probate Administration is a personal and private matter for each client.

This firm is equipped to provide a full range of probate administration legal services for you, or your loved one’s estate including:

If you or someone you know is seeking probate legal services please contact Ms. Peshke for a telephone or office conference consultation by calling .  Following review of the estate assets and discussion of the complexities associated with the case, Ms. Peshke will provide a written letter of engagement providing a fee quote for the probate services requested. 


Please take caution when relying on information posted on the internet regarding Florida probate procedures.  There is a lot of incorrect information out there regarding Florida probate and the procedures and costs associated therewith.  Consult a Florida probate attorney like Ms. Peshke experienced in probate administration to provide you with the accurate information you need to move forward with probate administration.