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Foreclosure Defense & Loan Modification

Foreclosure Defense Loan Modification vero beach florida 32963 attorney

Foreclosure Defense & Loan Modification

foreclosure defense and loan modificationForeclosure Defense and Loan Modification is one of our specialties. Florida has been hit very hard in recent years by the downturn in the real estate market, and an overwhelming increase in foreclosure of real property throughout the state. However, real property owners do have options, and depending on the individual owner’s objectives for the property, there are often many available defenses to a foreclosure initiated against either a Florida Homestead, or a Florida investment property or second home.

The Firm is equipped to provide legal services in all aspects of foreclosure defense as it pertains to the needs of a residential real property owner including litigation and defense of foreclosure proceedings, negotiation and assistance with loan modification of a primary Florida residence (homestead), foreclosure defense mediation proceedings including attendance at mediations organized by The Collins Center pursuant to local Administrative Rulings, and drafting, negotiation, and legal advice pertaining to deed in lieu of foreclosure, and deficiency judgments. The firm is also equipped to advise property owners of their rights and the rights of tenants concerning matters where tenants are residing in properties that are in various stages of foreclosure.

All foreclosure defense work is performed on a flat fee basis.

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