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Elder Law

Elder Law vero beach florida 32963

Elder Law

elder law
Elder Law is a highly specialized area of law,

and should be handled only by qualified elder law attorneys. The Law Offices of Jennifer D. Peshke, P.A. is experienced in handling a diverse range of issues affecting seniors and, persons with disabilities, and their families. The firm’s combined legal experience enables them to provide services (such as estate planning and guardianship litigation) and to interpret and translate complex legal issues for the benefit of the firm’s clients.

You need an elder law attorney…

  • If you or your loved one is over 55 for estate planning documents
  • If you or your loved one is disabled, incapacitated or diagnosed with a disability for Medicaid planning and special needs trust planning,
  • If you or your loved one is a beneficiary or a fiduciary and something doesn’t seem right,
  • Or, if you want to know your options for public benefits.

Elder Law is a highly client specific non-generalized area of the law which requires a one on one attorney and client analysis. Elder law is a very personal matter and Ms. Peshke wants to take the time up front to meet with any potential elder law clients to identify all issues facing the potential client, and to ensure that the client and the attorney are comfortable working together and will be a good team. Contact the Law Offices of Jennifer D. Peshke, P.A. today for your initial Elder Law consultation today!

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